video marketing

Video marketing means to explain and demonstrate your business to customers through video. Now Video marketing has become integral part of every digital marketing campaign of your business. The reasons for this are numerous. Some of the reasons for increasing popularity of video marketing are discussed as follows.

1. The Social Networking consequence

With the advancement of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook the video marketing has reached to its apex. Users can share interesting video links and their own videos with their friends and followers. People share video on because it is interesting to watch a video rather than sharing articles.

2. Increase the charisma of Your Website

The websites containing video on their homepage have more visitor retention than any other normal website. People are likely to get more indulged if they find a entertaining video presenting the purpose and objective of website.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the inception of social media marketing tools, every business is moving towards it to grab more customers. Videos guarantee user retention and accessibility, so the major search engines are giving lot of value to them. If a website or business has a video and piece of writing about the same keyword, than there are chances for your video to get higher rank in the search. A 3 minute video can say thousands of words than reading a long text.

4. Easier Distribution Methods

With the establishment of websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and many more, the distribution of videos on internet is getting easier. These sites allow users to upload their video and make them publicly available. The business brands can automatically expand the reach of the brand to larger audience through uploading their videos on these websites.

5. More accomplishment with Subscriber lists for Video based feeds

The businesses sites often send text and promotional offers through e-mail to people to get make them aware of their presence. Sending informational video once in a week to the subscribers could be a nice way to grab their attention. For example, a cricket club newsletter could become more interesting if it includes a video lecture on how to improve batting skills.

6. Computerization of Video Creation

With the advancements of various video making and editing software in the market, the video production has become easy and flawless. You can create videos and edit them by including text, animations and effects, which will make the video more appealing to the customers. As video offers high ROI, the webmasters tend to use video in their websites.

7. Boost Sales by eliminating Doubts

For marketing of a restaurant or a tourist place, a video campaign is considered as best practice. A video can convey message to the visitor in a more effective way than a long text article on tourist place or restaurant. A video can increase the chance of conversion and help the webmaster to make money online in an effective way.

8. Tailored Experience for Your Customers

You can make visitor guide videos to explain the visitors about different sections of your websites making the whole experience natural and analogous to visiting actual store.